Networking Details

AUI 15-pin SUB-D male connector, can be converted to BNC, ThickEthernet (thick yellow cable) and TwistedPair by an optional transceiver. 
TP TwistedPair, 4 resp. 8-pin RJ45 male connector, will be wired starlike to HUB resp. switch. There are transfer rates of 10 MBit and 100MBit (FastEthernet). Machines with FastEthernet can normally also be operated at 10 MBit. If not stated otherwise, it will be the 10 MBit-version.
BNC Round male bayonet nut connector, will be wired by a RG58 cable as bus. There needs to be a 50 Ohm termination resistor at every end. Maximum transfer rate is 10MBit.




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